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Summertime is quickly approaching, and along with that comes flowing dresses, feet in the grass, sea and sand. Tis the season for boho style; beautiful boho dresses, boho clothing, minimalist jewelry that hits all the right notes and ultimate self expression. Here at BohoSparkle our mission is to help you express yourself on the outside, but more importantly how that makes you feel on the inside. Fashion has such a magical ability to lift our spirits and show our individuality to the world. So from one boho girl to another, be free, enjoy the sunshine and dazzle the world! 💫🌙✨

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Inspiration and Compassion

In the second post at Boho Sparkle, I thought I would like to talk about some of my inspiration and what drives me to creating this collection. As far back as I can remember, 1960s and 70s fashion always inspired me. As I grew older and began buying my own clothes, the free spirited vibe to Boho apparel lured me in. In the early 2000’s boho style was at its height in popularity and although some declare the trend is "dead", every so often it seems like boho jewelry, accessories and apparel have endured through the decades. There is a certain timeless nature in its aesthetic and a socially unconventional style to boho chic. Although boho style is popular across...

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How to Clean your Jewelry

This article first appeared in buying guide and written by Ebay user kytestrings. The original article has been temporarily removed and so we are publishing it in our site in the meantime.   sample of zinc alloy jewelry   Zinc alloy is a very common and popular material for jewelry components due to its versatility and low cost. It is often referred to as 'Tibetan Silver', however - while it is now a widely accepted trade name for zinc alloys - the name is a misnomer (traditional Tibetan silver is now quite rare, and has genuine silver content, while zinc alloy will generally have none). The alloys can contain a lot of different elements, but for health and safety it is...

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